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Philip Rosell

Philip Rosell

Behavior Specialist

I am the GenEd behavior specialist for the Lehi and Saratoga Springs campuses. I assist the teachers in figuring out why behaviors are happening with some of their students, and figure out ways to improve that behavior. In doing that, the teacher can focus more on teaching while the student is able to focus more on learning, the behavior no longer competing for either of their attention.

I received my BA degree in behavioral science from UVU and am currently enrolled in an online Masters program through ASU for applied behavior analysis.

In my free time, I love hanging out with my wife and 3 kids. We enjoy spending time outside when the weather is nice and having movie nights with cookies and hot chocolate in the winter. I love US history and reading books about the Founding Fathers. I will take a hamburger and fries over pretty much anything else!

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