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Erik Willis

Erik Willis

Special Education

   My teaching career began as a substitute teacher during the age of cavemen on September of 1998 in Fremont, California at American High School.  I have taught in four states (California, Nevada, Texas and Utah).  I have worked with all age groups from K through 12.  I even taught a year of adult school in Newark, California!  I have worked where baggy pants and A’s baseball caps were fashionable.  I’ve also taught in areas where cowboy hats, boots and buckles were the norm.  

    I was hired by Ascent Academies in August of 2017.  I have to say that the Ascent Lehi campus has been the best campus to teach at throughout my educational career.  The staff, teachers and administration have been great.  The most important thing that I have enjoyed while teaching at Ascent Lehi is getting to know all the students and families who have walked the school’s halls over the years.  What a great community.

    Aside from my daily work, I have been blessed with many opportunities while growing up as an Air Force brat and traveling place to place over the years.  I have managed to experience a lot of places, people and food!  I’ve also picked up a few hobbies, notably playing music, sports, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  I have four children who have made my hair gray and a fabulous wife. 

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