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Jill Triptow

Jill Triptow

Sixth Grade

What we know matters,

but who we are matters more.

Brené Brown


This may be an unusual quote for a teacher, but I feel strongly about this. I want to encourage my students’ minds to think and their hands to create, but I also want to encourage their hearts to love. As educators, the future of the world sits in our classrooms. We cannot afford to simply impart facts and information. We must inspire them to be mindful and curious… to look beyond the surface… to find strength and beauty in all things (especially in themselves!). Children who understand empathy and compassion grow up to be kind, brave adults; human beings with character and integrity.

My name is Jill Triptow, and I could not be more excited to be a part of the sixth-grade team at Ascent Academy. Originally, I’m from Michigan. I wish I could tell you that I’ve always known that I wanted to teach, but medicine was my childhood dream. I started out as a pre-med major at Michigan State University (Go Spartans!), received my degree from Brigham Young University, and then lived in Nashville, Tennessee for most of the ‘90s. Instead of going to medical school, I became a mom! I have four amazing children, three of whom are now adults, and my youngest is a teenager. As motherhood required less of my time and energy, I found myself spending more and more time at school. First, I worked as a volunteer, then as an aide, and eventually as a Playworks Coach/P.E. Teacher. Drawn by the laughter and playfulness of the children, my heart found its home within the walls of a school. This prompted me to get my teaching license. I was able to work as a long-term substitute teacher with an amazing group of educators at North Star Academy, until finding my place here at Ascent.


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