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Meet Our Teachers

Posted Date: 08/19/2021

Meet Our Teachers

Jay Ransom

Jr. High Social Studies

I am super excited to be a part of the amazing junior high team at Ascent Academy Lehi. As a Lehi resident, I am especially excited to have the opportunity to work with local youth to support their growth as they become young adults and learn to be responsible citizens. I am passionate about history and its influence on the world we live in today and the world our children will inherit tomorrow.
In 2015 I earned my B.A. in Social Science education, secondary emphasis, from Western Governors University. I have a Social Studies composite endorsement from the Utah State Office of Education.
My experience supporting and facilitating youth personal development is rich and diverse. I have spent years as a Boy Scout leader and I also spent a year as a 4H after-school program coordinator at American Fork Junior High. These experiences reinforced my belief in the value of individuality and that the single most important responsibility I have as an educator is to support the development of each student’s interpersonal skills and nurture their unique talents. Today’s students do not respond as well to traditional teaching philosophies. As an educator, I don’t want to stifle imagination and abstract thinking I want to stimulate them. I will strive to aid students in the building of a positive self-image that will be the foundation of their educational experiences. A positive self-image and confidence in their abilities will strengthen their metacognitive skills, giving them the tools to accomplish scholastic goals.
My wife Julie was both born and raised in Seattle, Washington. We have lived in Lehi for 9 years. We have 5 children ranging in age from 4 months to 13 years, so we enjoy most hobbies together as a family. We love the outdoors, which is a big part of why we love Utah. We like to hike, bike, visit lakes and reservoirs, garden, and play all kinds of sports. In our family, we have gymnasts and soccer, baseball, football, and lacrosse players (we also have some semi-professional monkey bars climbers).