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Allison Moss

Allison Moss


It's sad to admit, but I really disliked reading when I was growing up.  I felt that I was "forced" to read books I wasn't interested in.  As an adult I decided I'd give reading a second chance and quickly finished the Twilight Series, The Hunger Games, then my A-HA! series Harry Potter.  In other words, I was wrong, and wasted many years not reading.  My goal and hope is to show kids that you just need to find that one book that will open up their excitement for reading!  I am thrilled to watch these young kids lose themselves in a book, and watch their imagination grow.  I really have the best job!
I đź’ś Harry Potter:
Every year during November and December I do a Harry Potter Theme in the library.  This includes all students being sorted into houses, quidditch, house points and other fun and games.  There are two trophies awarded each year to the winner of the Quidditch Cup, and the House Cup.  It is a favorite time of year for me, when all the students get excited and all get to participate. 
I am privileged to work with the Ascent Girls Basketball Team as an assistant coach.  I also love being involved in the school play productions.
I’ve lived in Utah my whole life, I never want to move.  I love the outdoors, and breathtaking scenery of this state.  I love to hike and camp.  I enjoy playing tennis and basketball.
I currently reside in Eagle Mountain with my best-friend by my side, my husband Steve.  Together we have two pretty cool kids, and a dog named Jeter.  My family and I love to travel all over.  My husband and I love to go to New York City, especially to watch the Yankees play!   GO YANKEES!


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