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Dan Olds

Dan Olds

Special Education

I love being a part of the team at Ascent Academy of Utah Lehi. I grew up in West Point, Utah. As a kid, I raised chickens, rabbits, and other animals, then as a teenager I picked corn, bagged onions, and hauled hay (getting paid up to $3 an hour). After graduating from Clearfield High School, I went off to Provo to go to BYU football and basketball games, play cards, and sometimes attend classes. Eventually, I had to buckle down and study, so after seven years I earned my bachelor’s degree. (Don’t be too hard on me. You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years—most of them are called doctors.) I have been teaching  for too many years to count. I’ve taught English, reading, math, fifth grade, and whatever else the principal has asked.  My wife and I have been living in Lehi for a long time. I keep busy by raising my two kids and watching YouTube videos. I still enjoy going to BYU games, playing cards, and sometimes attending classes.

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