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Wayne Gold

Wayne Gold


I always say I have the best job at the school as the PE Teacher and the best Junior High team too! I’m looking forward to getting to know all my new my students and supporting them in developing healthy attitudes toward their bodies by learning about all the amazing things our bodies can do for us! I'm passionate about fitness, food and ways to support your body in becoming the best it possibly can be.

I was born in Colorado and raised in California and Utah as the youngest of four siblings. I was an active child who loved digging holes and climbing trees. I feel so grateful to call the beautiful state of Utah home, and I still love to stay active by hiking, swimming, camping and snowshoeing. When I’m not playing outdoors, I love to work on home improvement projects, try new recipes, and play PC games.

In 2017 I graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Nutrition and an emphasis in Allied Health. There I was able to explore my interests in promoting food security and personal health management. My favorite experiences included training the athletics teams and traveling to Japan for a food and culture exchange. At SUU I also discovered how rewarding it is to empower others to enhance their lives with healthy attitudes and food.

Since graduating from SUU, I have coached swim teams, run a private pool, taught 3rd grade at Challenger School, and volunteered as a coach for the Playworks program at the West Valley Ascent campus. Through all of these opportunities, I have learned how unique each child is. I fundamentally believe that teaching requires individualization as everyone needs something a little different. My goals as Lehi Ascent’s Health and Physical Education teacher are to provide unique experiences for students and bring the passion I have for food, health and the human body into the classroom.



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