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McKenzi Prawitt

McKenzi Prawitt


I am excited to begin my first year as a teacher at Ascent Academy! This will be my second year working with the students at Ascent, as I worked as a paraprofessional with the special needs team last year. I finished up my degree at Brigham Young University last April with a bachelor’s degree in Family Studies, emphasizing in biological foundations of human development. I enjoyed getting my education there immensely and I can’t wait to begin my career as an educator now.

As a teacher, I am a strong advocate of the importance of showing students how what they are learning in school applies to their own lives. Science comes to life as students discover ways that they can impact the world through their newfound understanding. I hope to facilitate plenty of hands-on experience and self-discovery as we dive into 8th grade science and 9th grade geography next year.

Aside from teaching, I also enjoy wake surfing, water skiing, rappelling, acting, singing, and playing the piano and violin. Basically, if you find anything that has to do with the outdoors or music, I’m in!


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