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Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson


Hi!  My name is Jessica Peterson. I am a loving mother of 4 children all of whom also attend Ascent Academy. Can I just say how much I love this school?! The learning environment and teaching philosophies are focused on what is most important -- your child!  

I graduated from Brigham Young University majoring in Elementary Education. I have taught several grade levels in my 10+ years but Kindergarten is by far my favorite! I love introducing our youngest learners to the joy of “reading, writing, arithmetic.”  I am creative, musical, theatrical, and artistic so my lessons are usually full of color, songs, and even yoga.  

In my free time I can be found camping, kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking with my family. I like singing, dancing, and acting. I’ve been in several plays and I look forward to helping with this year’s school play.

I hope to be a Rainbow Teacher, the kind described in this poem by Joanna Fuchs.

The Rainbow Teacher

A good teacher

Is a brilliant light,

Illuminating the prism of life,

Revealing to students

A rainbow of possibilities.


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