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Alice Johnson

Alice Johnson

Fifth Grade

I am so thrilled to be kicking off another year at Ascent Academy teaching the 5th grade. I love 5th grade and all this age group can brings to the table of learning and education. Not to mention, they are hilarious.

I grew up in Littleton, Colorado and moved to Utah where I attended Brigham Young University where I received my Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Acting. This led my professional career (in between plays and film projects) to teaching drama. I loved being in a school setting so much I just couldn't stay away! After teaching drama and aiding in elementary grades for 2 years I went on to teaching at a school for children with Autism. My time with these awe-inspiring kids and parents taught me so much about patience and individualizing teaching toward each student's needs.

Elementary School students have so much energy and that is right up my alley. I believe that learning sticks when students are engaged and having fun. On top of building a solid knowledge of core standards, I also have a very strong desire in aiding their development into well-rounded humans. In our class this will include confidence, building others up, and showing kindness and respect not only other classmates, but to themselves. I have great expectations! Every student is capable of achieving their best and part of doing their best is trying their hardest. I will be helping my students to learn what their best is. As a teacher and a parent team, we together can help our students achieve great things! My students should be prepared to work hard and give their all in my class with a good attitude!

About Me: I love all things entertainment.  I have an adorable French bulldog puppy named Sir Chauncey Wentworth. He’s my baby. My favorite places in the world are Rome, Italy and Harry Potter World. We will be learning about the ruins of Pompeii during our Earth Surfaces unit in Science. Harry Potter...I'm sure will come up eventually! Harry Potter is what made me love to read and discover that reading can be just as exciting and fun as the best movie. I can't wait to try and help your child find their Harry Potter.


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